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6/1 Test Session Register Here
Upcoming USFS Test Session Dates
6/1/19 (9 am - 3:30 pm)  
Final Schedule:

SWFSC Draft Schedule Test Skater Notes
Practice ice 8:15-8:45 am
Zamboni 8:45-8:58 am
Group 1
8:59-9:05 Group 1 warm-up 6 min warm-up
9:05-9:15 Senior MIFs Kate Gibbons
9:15-9:25 Junior MIFs Maddie Summers
9:26-9:35 Junior MIFs Elle Bernier
Group 2
9:36-9:42 Group 2 warm-up 6 min warm-up
9:43-9:52 Junior MIFs Bella Frechette
9:53-10:03 Junior MIFs Ana Graham Cook
10:03-10:12 Intermediate MIFs Grace Levere
Group 3
10:13-10:18 Group 3 warm-up 5 min warm-up
10:18-10:27 Intermediate MIFs Michelle Kiani
10:27-10:36 Intermediate MIFs Eva Gehrke
10:36-10:45 Intermediate MIFs Katherine Allard
Group 4
10:46-10:51 Group 4 warm-up 5 min warm-up
10:51-11:00 Intermediate MIFs Eliza Rhodehamel
11:00-11:09 Intermediate MIFs Coco Muramoto
11:09-11:19 Intermediate MIFs Chloe Hu Pesh
Group 5
11:20-11:25 Group 5 warm-up 5 min warm-up
11:25-11:33 Preliminary MIFs Amelia Robbins (Lobby) Katerina Kuptz  (Zam)
11:33 -11:41 Pre-Juv MIFs Rachel Yan
11:41-11:48 Pre-Juv MIFs Adelaide Howell
11:48-11:55 Pre-Juv MIFs Heiden Dahl
Zamboni/break 11:55-12:09
Group 6
12:09-12:15 Group 6 warm-up 6 min warm-up
12:16-12:26 Novice MIFs Kyra Batley
12:27 - 12:37 Novice MIFs Elise Ozers
12:38-12:48 Novice MIFs Allison Sommer
Group 7
12:48-12:54 Group 7 warm-up 6 min warm-up
12:55-1:04 Novice MIFs Isha Jha
1:04-1:13 Novice MIFs Tove Westermeyer
1:13-1:22 Intermediate MIFs Chloe Knoch
Group 8
1:23-1:28 Group 8 warm-up 5 min warm-up
1:28-1:36 Intermediate MIFs Sarah Mandel
1:36-1:47 Adult Pre-Bronze MIFs Emily Alff
1:47-1:55 Juv MIFs Kimiko Zagoras
1:56-2:04 Pre-Juv MIFs Lindsay Boland
Group 9
2:05-2:10 Group 9 warm-up 5 min warm-up
2:11-2:18 Pre-Juv MIFs Mackenzie Bruene
2:19-2:22 music Adult Bronze FS Lynn Flucke
2:23-2:26 music Pre-Juv FS Talia Kerlow
2:26-2:28 music Preliminary FS Eliza Rhodehamel
2:29-2:31 music Preliminary FS Eva Gerhke
Group 10
2:32-2:37 4 musics Group 10 Warm-up
5 min
Lobby Side Zamboni Side
2:37-2:39 music Preliminary Dutch Waltz Isha Jha
2:40-2:42 music Preliminary Canasta Tango Isha Jha Nina Pabellon
2:43-2:45 music Preliminary Rhythm Blues Isha Jha Talia Kerlow
2:45-2:47 music Pre-Bronze Fiesta Elise Ozers Josie Schellpfeffer
Zamboni break 2:48-3:00
Group 11
3:00-3:04 Group 11 warm-up
4 min
Lobby Side Zamboni Side
3:04-3:12 Preliminary MIFs Kaz Ladopoulos McKenna Dutton
3:12-3:20 Preliminary MIFs Kate Mezrich Zoey Kim
3:21-3:29 Preliminary MIFs Micaela Whitfield
Group 12
3:30-3:35 3 musics Group 12 warm-up 5 min warm-up
3:36-3:38 music Pre-Pre FS Kimiko Zagoras
3:38-3:40 music Pre-Pre FS Ciara Crawford
3:40-3:42 music Adult Pre-Bronze FS Emily Alff contingent on MIFs
3:42-3:44 music Pre-Bronze Cha Cha Carri Hale
3:44-3:46 music Pre-Bronze Swing Carri Hale
3:46-3:48 music Bronze Hickory Hoedown Liah Hirsh
3:48-3:50 music Bronze Hickory Hoedown Josie Schellpfeffer contingent on Fiesta

Contact: Mary Ozers at mozers*at*


Please review our procedures and policies carefully for registering and testing USFS tests with the SWFSC.


When registration is open, the “Test Session” button should be active.  If you have any questions or issues, please contact mozers*at*  Please remember we are a volunteer-run organization, and we will respond as quickly as we can. 

Fees in addition to regular test fees
Every registrant must pay a $15 judges fee. 

Non Members of the Figure Skating Council of Wisconsin must pay an additional $10 fee.  To find out if your club is a member please visit:
Individual members of the USFSA must pay an additional $15 fee. 

If you are a member of SWFSC and are registering a skater, we require that you volunteer at least 1 credit either in the form of food items or time during the test session.  A sign-up will be sent during registration.  Please note this 1 hour counts towards your expected club volunteer hours. 

Please read the following important notes:

1. Test fees are non-refundable, unless the test session is cancelled.

2. Certain tests must be taken in an order, and it is the responsibility of you and your coaches to know the rules from USFS. When submitting an application for a contingent test, be aware that your test fee is forfeited if you are unable to take the contingent test.

3. Test sessions can run early. It is recommended that skaters and coaches should be prepared to test up to one hour before their scheduled time.

4. The test session registration may close before the published deadline if the test session fills up. Priority goes to SWFSC club members first and then order of registrations until the deadline or the test session is full.

5. If you would like to request a specific timing, please email mozers*at*  We will make every attempt to accommodate your requests but cannot guarantee the timing. Please consider that test fees are non-refundable when planning your day. 

6. Please have a valid email address when you submit your information and be sure to check the schedule on our website and your email for schedule updates.

USFSA Membership

All applicants must, at the time of the test, be a member in good standing of the USFSA. Your USFSA number must appear on the test application. Put applied for in the space requesting your USFSA number if you are a new member and have not yet received your USFSA card.

Permission Letters

If you are not a member of SWFSC, you must get a letter of permission from your home club’s executive member to verify that you are a member in good standing of your club.  See: