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Due to the recent spike in Covid-19 cases, we are going back to the maximum of 12 skaters on the ice per session for the next 2 weeks.

At this time we are doing contract for 2 weeks at a time. Ice times and availability are subject to change, and some sessions may be dropped or added depending on ice usage and CDC guidelines.

- Current prices: $12/hr home club members, $14/hr for associate members, $18 for non-members when you contract (Now is a great time to join our club and save on ice!!)
- Walk-ons are only allowed if they have existing punch card or switch card for club members. No cash/checks please at this time.
- Parents are still asked to wait outside the rink

When you register, you will be attesting that you accept any risk of exposure to the COVID 19 virus. We are doing all we can to minimize this risk but any contact with others has risk that we can only control so much. 

July 6-19, 2020 Ice Contract is now open to club members. You may sign up for as many sessions as you'd like. Contract will open to non-members on Friday. Contract will close on Sunday at 2 pm.

July 6-19, 2020 Ice Monitor Sign Up Parents - please sign up to monitor! We need monitor for each session or we can't have ice. Please try to be available to monitor when your child is skating. 

  • March 2020 Ice Contract Registration for the March Ice Contract is now closed. Check the contract list to see if there are openings on the day you would like to skate and you can use a punchcard ($70 for 5 punches for home club and associate members and $75 for non-members), or pay $16 cash (exact change please) or check to walk on. Priority for walk on goes to members until five minutes before the session begins, at which point it becomes first come first skate. Check in with the monitor right away to ensure there is a spot for you
    March 2020 Ice Monitor Sign Up Registration for March Ice Monitors is now open. Please take note of the volunteer policies and make sure to sign up for one monitor slot each month by the last day of the month! This provides an important service to keep our skaters safe on the ice. Only register for one session of monitoring prior to the last day of the month! After the first of the month, you may sign up for any remaining available slots. We welcome non-members that want to monitor and help keep our skaters safe. Remember that for every three extra monitoring sessions, you earn a free hour of ice! 
    Registration for April Ice Contract will open soon. Associate members may begin to register on March 16 and non-members may begin registering on March 21. Registration will close on March 28 at midnight. 

    Monitoring Responsibilities have been updated and are available here: