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Resale Page
Our prices are the best around!
Next Resale:
August 21, 2017 
5:30-8:00 PM
McFarland Rink 
(but contact me anytime for immediate needs!)

To sell:
Drop off items August 21 between 5 and 5:30, or by arrangement.
Label items with brief description and price.
List items on a separate sheet with your name and contact info.
Club gets 25%, you get 75% so price accordingly.

We have dresses, pants, jackets, and skates, mostly used with a few new.
We also have tights, guards, soakers, and gloves, mostly new with a few used. All are at prices lower than retail.

Note: This website is a continual work in progress, and only shows a portion of what we have. There are MANY dresses for sale that are not shown on this site! Most are under $25, some up to $35, or more for really fancy dresses. We have all sizes, from XS child to XL adult, many famous brand names (Sharene, Del Arbour, Carrie Jones, Jerry's, Mondor) and custom made dresses. Contact Sue Cook ( to arrange a time to come dress shopping at the rink.
(For buyers outside of the Madison area, this is a local service - we do not sell and ship dresses by mail.)
Not sure you want to invest in competition? Contact us about renting a dress to try it out!
Contact Sue Cook at to arrange a time to try on dresses or skates or to buy tights, guards, or soakers.
We now have some preowned/used (and a few new!) skates available. They meet a range of skills and needs: recreational beginners, learn to skate basic skills, freestyle, and those skating through single jumps and beyond. They are all in new, like-new, or very good used condition and originally ranged in price from $90 to $650. Contact Sue at to arrange a time to try them on.

We have the following (not up to date as of August 2017):
size 11 youth Riedell  $30 
size 11 1/2 youth Riedell model F32, new in box, (orig. $150+) $45
size 12 youth Riedell model 10W $34
size 13 youth Riedell model 10W $30
size 13 youth Riedell Pearl model 14 $30
size 13.5 Riedell 910 brand new with Quest Onyx blades, soakers, guards $150 ($400 new!)
size 1.5 brand new 
Jackson Excel model 1291  $45
size 1.5 Jackson Classique  with guards $50
size 2 Celebrity with Jackson Mark V blades $50
size 2 Riedell skates with Wilson Excel blades, soakers $55
size 2 Jackson Classique $55
size 2 B Jackson freestyle with Mark IV blades $60
size 2.5 W Riedell model 33 $45
size 2.5 C Jackson Artiste model 1691 $50
size 3 M Riedell model 27 $45
size 3 W Riedell model 25 TS with Astra Eclipse blades $65
size 3 C Jackson freestyle 2071 with Mark IV blades $100
size 3.5 B Jackson Freestyle with Jackson Mark IV blades $60
size 3.5 C Jackson Elite model 2700 new, boot only $100
size 3.5 D Jackson freestyle with Wilson Coronation Comet blades (over $500 new) $110
size 4 Jackson soft skate $25
size 4 B Jackson Classique model 1990 with Ultima Mirage blades $60
size 4 B Jackson freestyle with MK Sheffield blades $62
size 4.5 Riedell 115 with guards and powerstep insoles $47
size 4.5 B Jackson freestyle with MK Mark IV blades $75
size 4.5 Riedell Motion model 255 $50
size 5 W Riedell model 255 TS with Ultima Aspire blades, like new! $170 ($300+ new)
size 5 B Jackson Classique model 1990 with Ultima Mirage blades $60
size 5 B Jackson freestyle model 2070 with Mark IV blades $95
size 5 B Jackson freestyle model 2190 with Aspire blades $95
size 5 C Jackson freestyle model 2170 with Mirage blades $115
size 5 C Jackson Competitor 1270 with Mark V blades $80
size 5.5 B Jackson Premiere with Matrix Legacy blades (over $650 new) $150 
size 5.5 B SP Teri Pro 60 with MK Sheffield blades $120
size 6 A Jackson freestyle with Ultima Mirage blades $85
size 6 A Riedell model 375 Gold Star skates like new with MK Vision blades (package $1000+ new) $120
size 6 B Jackson freestyle with Mark IV blades, like new condition $110
size 6 B Jackson freestyle with Mark IV blades $75
size 6 W Riedell $80
size 7.5 B Jackson elite model 2900 boot only $100
size 8 Riedell model 121 with Sapphire blade, guards $40
size 8.5 W Riedell model 229 with Eclipse blade $80
9 1/2 inch Coronation Ace blades (would fit a Jackson 6.5)


Competition and Practice Dresses
for lending or for sale
Reminder: Skating dresses typically run at least one size small. For example, a child wearing size 8-10 clothes might wear a size 10-12 dress, and a child wearing size 10-12 clothes might wear a child XL, adult XS, or adult S depending on the maker. 

You never know how a dress will fit or look until you try it on! They often look better on the skater than on the hanger.

 Purchase Price
    Carrie Jones purple velvet with silver trim, sheer skirt, halter style, crystals. Adult Extra small $34
   GK red wine velvet with crystal butterfly. Child large $17

   Black with shiny gold dots, black sheer skirt and center overlay, 3/4 sleeves. Child 12.   $25
  Mondor lime green with black mesh overlay and sleeves. Child large 12-14

(We also have this dress in red, Child medium 8-10, $35, and adult small $33)
  Jerry's blue velvet with sparkle pattern, sheer skirt and sheer ends of short sleeves, scrunchie. Child 10-12 $34
   Orange and yellow velvet with gold sparkly splotches. Child large $19
   Burgundy crushed velvet with sparkle net skirt and inset. Adult Small.   $22
   New With Tags red velvet sleeveless, crystals. Child large 12-14 $32 
   GK purple velvet with mesh sleeves, sheer skirt, crystals on front, back, and sleeves. Child large $28
   Jump 'n Style purple velvet with silver foil trim and net long sleeves. Adult small. $26
   Black velvet long sleeve with silver wavy sparkle designs over body and skirt. Child Large. $22
   Galaxy black velvet long sleeved with silver glitter starbursts. Child Large. $18
   Green and blue with silver sparkle lycra sleeveless with bright blue lycra skirt. Silver sparkle dot trim. Child Medium. $22
 Rebel blue and lilac swirl velvet with light blue sheer skirt. Child Large. $27
    Light blue velvet long sleeved. Child Large. $10
   Blue velvet long sleeved with sparkle net skirt and sleeve caps. Child Small.  $15

Burgundy velvet long sleeved. Size 6. $15
   Capezio green velvet turtleneck with cap sleeve. Adult Extra Small (Child Large). $18
   Del Arbour leopard velvet and black spandex. Adult Extra Small 0-2.  $18
   Duck Crossing black velvet long sleeve with blue sparkle starbursts. Child Small 6x-7.  $20
   Duck Crossing NWT blue velvet circle pattern sleeveless. Child Medium 8-10.  $20
   Del Arbour pink Lycra with purple mesh overlay, sleeveless, crystals. Child Medium 8-10 $50
  Duck Crossing fuschia, gray, black lycra body with black velvet skirt, sleeveless. Child Medium 8-10. $15
   Del Arbour First Glide orange sparkle velvet with mesh bodice and sleeves, matching jacket. Child Small. $36
   GK black velvet sweetheart with net sleeves, sheer skirt, crystals. Child Medium.  $28
   GK black velvet sleeveless with bright coral velvet. Child Medium (on the smaller side). $15
   Hot pink lycra and black velvet long sleeved with ruffled double skirt.Child Medium.  $27
   Jerry's blue velvet with bright pink trim and pink sparkle, sheer skirt. Cute pink velvet bows on back! Child Medium 10-12. $35
   GK pink floral sleeveless with sheer skirt. Child Large.  $19
   Bright coral sleeveless with purple velvet trim, cross strap in back. Child Large. $16
   Jerry's dark red velvet with net sleeves, sheer skirt. Silver sparkle swirl design. Child Large 10-12 (looks more like an Adult Small). $34
 GK red velvet long sleeve with sheer skirt. Child Medium.
We also have a similar dress in a red Child Large ($21) and red Child Small ($26)
   Mondor blue velvet sleeveless with blue sparkle swirls and stars. Double strap crosses in back. Size YJ - child large?   $15
 Mondor coral pink long sleeved sparkle velvet. Child Medium 8-10. $19
We also have similar Mondor dresses in the following colors and sizes:
-Dark blue child large $21
-Pink child small 6x-7 and medium 8-10 $19 each
-Bright pink crossed straps in back child 10-12 $21
-Raspberry pink crossed straps in back, child 10-12 $21
 Motionwear NWT pink velvet sleeveless with sheer skirt. Child 8-10.
We also have a similar dress (used) in child extra small 4-6 ($15)
   Mondor black velvet sleeveless with blue sparkle design, scrunchie. Child Large 12-14. $25
   Mondor blue velvet long sleeved with blue sparkle swirls and stars. Child large 12-14.  $20
   Mondor purple with sparkle swirls Lycra body and white sparkle Lycra long sleeves and skirt. Child 10-12. $15
   Navy velvet with lace overlay on light blue front and lace at end of sleeves. Child Medium. $16
   Motionwear purple tiger pattern sparkle velvet long sleeved. Child Medium 8-10. $18
   Pink on white dotted sparkly lycra with pink lycra skirt and net long sleeves. Child 8.  $25
   Red crushed velvet sleeveless with crystals. Child Large.  $25
   Del Arbour First Glide raspberry sparkle velvet long sleeved. Child Medium.  $20
   Twizzle green and black spandex with triple layer rear skirt, crystals. Child Large.  $26
   White lcra with white lace overlay, puff sleeves, 3 layer skirt. Red foil middle and sash tied in back. "Mary Poppins!" Child Medium 7/8.  
   GK aqua with pink and gold sleeveless lycra with sheer aqua skirt, velvet trim. Child large. $22
   Jerry's brand pink and orange sparkle velvet with pink skirt. Matching scrunchy included. Child medium 8-10.   $33

 GK Elite royal blue or purple velvet. Child medium. $26
 Pretty purple floral print on white velvet. Child medium?   $10
Custom made dark pink sleeveless dress. Pink skirt, black with pink net material on top. Top has loose drape over main part of body. Picture makes it look like top is different color than body, but it is all the same color. Approximately Adult Small.
   Mondor sleeveless blue velvet. Six straps in back gathered in center. Mondor youth junior (child L?).  $15
  GK Elite kelly green velvet dress with sparkly metallic spandex around neck, extending down around open back. Child small/medium.
   Rebel brand black velvet with netting on shoulders and sleeves. Netting has shiny flowers on it. Adult small. $25
    Major Motion brand black and green velvet. Adult small or child XL.  $15 
   GK Elite forest green asymmetrical dress with gold glitter leafy pattern. Velvet around neckline and sleeves. Swarovski AB crystals on 3 velvet straps. Picture does not show true color. Adult small.
Eva Schmidt brand purple velvet skirt and panty with pink, purple, white abstract floral design. Crystals on collar. Approximately a child XL or adult small.  $9
  Black long sleeved crushed velvet. Danskin child medium/small. This is a pretty beginning dress.
   Dance length aqua dress with lace bodice and sleeves.  Adult medium. $15 
Dresses Great for Artistic Programs! 

Poodle skirt with purple top. Approximately Adult small or medium.
   Leotard and skirt combination. Black Lycra with shiny silver top strip, pink and green trim. Approximately Adult Medium/Large. 
   Fuchsia and orange velvet with light purple sequins full body unitard. One arm and opposite leg have dark pink and yellow netting "flames" extending off. Child large.  $15
   Black crushed velvet full body unitard. Child large.  $8
 Skirts for Sale
   Black Lycra practice skirt. Child Small. $3
   Lycra skating skirt. Large floral pattern on dark background. Child Medium.  $3
   Lycra skating skirt. Black with bright multi-colored skirt. Child Large?  $5
   Mauve velvet skating skirt with alligator pattern. Child medium. $8
 Other Items for Sale
   Purchase Price
   SWFSC 2015 Competition T-shirts, new. Guildan. Sizes Youth S, M, L. Adult S, M, L.  $5 
   SWFSC 2014 Competition T-shirts, new. 100% preshrunk cotton. Sizes Youth S, M, L. Adult M, L. $4 
   SWFSC 2013 competition shirts, new. Sizes youth M, L. $3